Psychologically Addicted

Psychologically Addicted

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Original hand made drawing by Jay Kaes created in 2020.

Psychologically Addicted’ is a drawing and part of the Classics Collection. I wanted to show the distress experienced in Phantom Vibration Syndrome (thinking your phone has rung or pinged when it hasn’t!), and the urge of feeling like we need the approval of others.

It also shows the instant gratification of social media, and the dopamine release when someone ‘likes’ you online. It’s all very current things worth reflecting over...

  • Size. 29.7x42 cm ( 11.7x16.5”)
  • Acrylic on acid free acrylic paper. 200gsm

Orders will be shipped every Monday morning.
* High quality materials used to assure longevity. This artwork should last for many years if properly cared for. As with any indoor artwork, avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Clean dust with a lint free cloth. Smudges may be removed by gently wiping the canvas with a clean damp cloth.
All drawings are signed and dated, also includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
* This is a hand made piece of art so you should expect imperfections.
* All drawings will be shipped in a tube.